What can technology do for the gospel?

11 Oct
October 11, 2012

When I started college (a long long time ago) cell phones were just gaining popularity with maybe 1 in 10 students having one. By the time I graduated five years later they were pretty much everywhere and texting was next the big thing.

But now it’s taken another turn altogether with maybe 1 in 100 not having a phone and┬ámaybe 1 in 3 people having a smart phone that is connected to the web (facebook/twitter/google) ALL the time.

Students have a new sort of friendship through frequent connection with people online that they rarely see face to face.

Obviously there will always be a need for face to face communication and fellowship. A virtual pat on the back doesn’t feel the same as a real one.

But, I do believe that we have new opportunities for the gospel to get out through the connectedness of this new generation as long as we use it well. There are more opportunities for distraction, distance and hiding yourself from others but if given to God it can be used well.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, blogs, websites – I believe that they all can be useful in spreading the gospel.

How is the next question.

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