Thursday Update – The Strategies

04 Oct
October 4, 2012

There is always need for balance in life and in ministry. We’ve got to work from different angles to make sure that we’re covering all the needs.

This past week I’ve had two very different tasks on my plate.

As I’ve mentioned here before I’m participating in a class on the Pauline Epistles to discuss the establishment of the church. Our assignment this week was to write out a provisional strategy for the establishment of a church. We were to draw on our study of all of Paul’s letters that we’ve done over the last three weeks. It’s been a fascinating project as well as discussion.

On the other hand I’ve also been working on putting together a summer program for 2013 in Wisconsin Dells. The object of this program would be to help “establish” the college students in the gospel, discipleship, fellowship and so on. We’ve been doing summer programs for a looooong time now and it’s been fun to connect what we’ve been doing with what I’ve been learning from my class.

Aww… not enough time to write it out now.

More to come.

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