Wisconsin Dells

24 May
May 24, 2013

Well we’ve been up here in the Dells for about a week now working hard at getting this program off the ground. We’ve had most of our 32 students show up, got them moved into the motel that we rented out for the summer, secured a meeting space and a place for meals complete with second hand stove and two refrigerators and started in on training in evangelism and all the rest.

We told the students from the beginning “it’s an artificial system” – this is not real life. We have the opportunity to live close to one, another share meals, hear great teaching and receive extra training, work together, reach out together… just like they did early in Acts! ┬áIn Acts persecution drove them out of Jerusalem, for us it will be school, work and different home churches – basically real life will return. God used that special “artificial system” early in Acts to get his church trained up and sent out. That’s our goal here too – let’s get people trained and sent back to their campuses on fire to make disciples.

Yesterday I took the 10 or so students who weren’t working to a park where we spent about three and a half hours spending time alone with God. Above is a picture of the Wisconsin River that runs along the park we were at. It was a beautiful spot!

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